Emily Postle is a passionate Menswear Designer who is putting a modern sustainable twist on traditional techniques, through creative pattern cutting, digital print & fabric manipulation and is looking to further develop her knowledge and skills around sustainable design and production. With a very keen eye for detail, she holds high-quality construction, finishings and fabrics as paramount to good design and creating a strong product. Sustainability is something that has always been a large part of her life, going to great lengths in her personal life to reduce her impact on the planet, and wants her design practice to have less of an environmental impact too. 

She completed her degree with first-class honours in Menswear Fashion & Textile Design in 2016, and has since gone one to work for shirt supplier David Howard and high street department store Debenhams. Due to the pandemic, she was made redundant earlier this year, giving her time to reflect on where she wants to be within the fashion industry, and how that aligns with her personal values. She truly believes that fashion has the potential to be fully sustainable, and this is something that she an extremely passionate about making a reality.